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Fiction, discussion and artwork centred around Faramir from LOTRs
This is a community dedicated to the character of Faramir in Lord of The Rings.

All fan fiction and anything Faramir related is welcome here including general discussion on the character, art work and anything I may have missed.

Because of the nature of the material that is posted here, it is an adult only site.

Therefore if you are under legal age for your country of residence then please leave this community at once.

A few things to consider when posting

You must be a member of the community to post your fanfiction or post here. To do this, first set up a Livejournal account, then select the link above that says "join this community."

When posting more than a few lines, or fiction of any kind, please post your work behind a lj-cut.

When posting anything containing adult content (including violence, strong language, sexual content, etc) or graphic images please post them BEHIND a lj-cut with suitable warnings at the start of your post.

Comments and constructive criticism are welcomed, however:
If you receive any comment that you feel is offensive or just plain nasty please inform me as soon as possible so that I may take suitable action.


The members of this community write and read many different styles of fan fiction, from canon to AU. To help them find what they are looking for there is a tagging system. The tags are as follows:

Gen Suitable for readers of General fiction
Het Suitable for readers of Heterosexual fiction
Slash Suitable for readers of Slash fiction
Drabble Fiction of 100 words

When posting fiction on the community please tag your entry using the tags above. Please note that you can use as many of the tags as you feel are necessary.

For example, if you are posting a general fic, you could tag Gen, Het and Slash as it is suitable reading material for all readers. But you are posting a Het or Slash fic then please just use that tag.

Please do not forget to tag you entry.

There are three additional tags which can be used in the community:

Request This can be used if you have a request for a particular story/pairing or would like a beta reader etc.
Discussion General discussion on the character of Faramir (book or movie verse)
Art Any art work – icons, wallpapers, banners etc.

Filtering using tags

The tags are listed on the right-hand side on the main community page. If you only wish to view the posts with a particular tag then just click on the one you’re interested in.


This website is affiliated with the Faramir fiction archive.

Fiction of all kinds is more than welcome, so if you would like you fiction or artwork to be archived on this site please include the following line in your header:

Archive: Faramir Fiction Archive

Mind that the archive is for adults only, so you have to be over 18 years of age both to browse the archive and to enter your work.

If you're new to the archive, please let the archivists know at which email address you'd like to receive comment notifications( will not be displayed on the site). You can either display your email address on your profile, include it in your post, or email it to lj @ faramirfiction.com. Use that same address for any special wishes, such as archiving as links, switching commenting off, or including a bio.

Suggested Header

Archive: Faramir Fiction Archive
Genre: (Het, Slash or Gen)
Warnings: (Violence, sexual content, etc)


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